Overall Rating: 99.83%
Average Rating: 9.98/10
I bought several items from Mary and H and B Forge and am so very pleased with everything! I just started throwing hawks and knives and wanted to purchase a hawk of my own,I bought one from Amazon,very inexpensive and I modified it and it's okay not a bad hawk but just okay. As I got more into the hobby,I noticed the name H and B kept coming up during forum discussions and You Tube videos, so I looked them up and boy am I thankful I did! From my first phone call with questions to my package being delivered on my porch,dealing with Mary and H and B was nothing but awesome!Mary answered all my questions,was very honest and upfront about the wait time for my order,notified me of arrival times,care of my Rendezvous knife,Shawnee Hawk. This is a first class customer oriented company that prides themselves on a great top notch product and not just something you can order and have in two days. This is a product that will with the proper care last me the rest of my life and my grandchildren's. If you are in a hurry for just a hawk to say you have one,look elsewhere,if you are looking for a quality handmade long lasting item that you can be proud of,order it with H and B. Handmade items take time and you will be so glad you waited! I will be buying more from them in the future. Mary,you are a great representation of your company,Jarrod,you make one darn nice hawk,Flint Fire Striker is nicely done and works well and the Rendezvous knife,is just a thing of beauty.Your Dad would be very proud of what this company is today! May God continue to bless your company,your lives and families. Mary,congrats on the marriage! Thanks for providing such great service. We now live in an age where companies are most times concerned only with the dollars that they will be making and not the satisfaction of the customer,this is not one of those companies. I'm thankful God steered me to H and B Forge.

Be blessed
The Shawnee axe has proved to be a faithful companion for hiking,throwing,chopping or field dressing squirrels. The metal holds its edge and the wood handle can spring a steel trap without sapping. You can carry it in the woods all day and never know it's there till you need it. Thanks for pricing it for the working mans budget now I can hunt my ginseng and run my traps safely thanks so much.
R.C. Ledbetter, Spalted Maple Inc.
Thanks Mary and Jarrod,
This was my first Hawk and I'm very pleased . Was pleasantly surprised at the leather and leather work on the sheath for my medium camp hawk. Also the thickness of the leather which is the same as the saddle leather my belt was made of.
I wish I had had a hawk like this in Vietnam, a Combat Vet we were never in, but stayed out all the time. Carried every thing on our bodies or pistol belt and harness. So we only carried a poncho to make shelter and you need to cut poles for poncho shelters and mosquito nets at night. Would have made quick work when we found coconuts to drink.
At my age, I'm sure my sons will enjoy it also .
Victor Castle
Vic- Joy Castle
Excellent service and craftmanship, will be ordering again soon ! Bruce
Bruce Grimm
Fantastic quality, great people. My camp axe is a reliable tool, made to the specifications I requested. It came sharpened with a mean edge -- so much so, it has gained the nickname "Ol' Meanie"!
Hi Mary! My custom spontoon was delivered yesterday. I opened up the box today. I have it in my hands as I type this. I can't tell you how happy I am with it . This piece is crafted beyond my expectations. The head to handle fit is perfect. The balance is awesome and I love how the edges on the head have been beveled and softened. A lot of detail has been put into this 'hawk' . To say it is what I was hoping for is an understatement. I am beyond happy with it. Please thank Jarrod for me. I stand in awe of artisans who, through their muscle, sweat and a lot of times their blood, create beauty. IMO you should consider putting this design in your regular offerings.

To be honest,Mary I have attempted custom orders in the past including one with _________. After a long string of promises from the maker they have all gone south. Ended up with much disappointment after a year or more wait. I don't know why but Tomahawk makers seem to not care about customer service. Then there is H&B forge basically a one man shop with an exploding demand for their product. They were able to ship a custom order in what under 4 months? outstanding.

Thank you Mary and Jarrod, I am going to order another Shawnee in the near future.

A very happy customer, Bill
Hi Mary,
I called last week and placed an order for a Medium camp hawk ahead of an end of the month deployment.
I want to thank you again for the wonderful customer service. I have never called a business where someone actually speaks to you like a friend. I have already become an avid promoter of H&B forge, based for now, on one kind phone call.
Thanks again,
Hello Mary,
I received the axe back and got a chance to use it, it is absolutely terrific! I am so happy with how you guys dealt with the nitpicking I had about the handle angle. Now it is as perfect as a hand forged tool could be! Absolutely a joy to carve and work wood with this tool. I was already impressed with the craftsmanship, but the skill to involved with this is just awesome. I am truly grateful for your customer service and the tremendous works of art the tools are that you guys produce. I spent a lot of time searching and comparing options before selecting your axe (granfors bruks, wetterlings, husqvarna, just to name a few), and I am glad that I found H&B Forge.

Quick question, what is the handle oiled with? I’m guessing danish oil, but wasn’t sure. Again, thank you all so much.

Hello Mary,
yesterday I received my "Boy's Hawk" and it's awesome.
Perfect size and nice weight. It was worth the long wait.
Thank you for this great tool.
Greetings from Vienna,
Michael, Vienna, Austria
Hi, I received my order the other day and I’m so very pleased of the quality of your products. I know that this won’t be the only order that I will place with you, as my wheels are already turning. Thanks again and I appreciate you letting me know about shipping out my order early. Great Job. Tim
My camp hawk is a pleasure to own. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Head fit to handle is superb. If I was still building homes I'd carry this on my nail bags. Beautiful
I ordered several tomahawks and sheaths, after getting screwed by Fort Turner. Great product, quality craftsmanship, great customer service, I received the hawks in the stated time frame. Thanks HB Forge from a very satisfied customer.
Thank you very much for the order!!

The order arrived as you described and the quality of the tomahawk is excellent! It was very much worth the small wait time! I knew that quality products take time to make. I will GLADLY order from you again! Once again, thank you very much for a great product and have a great day!

L Brown
I know this probably isn't necessary but I am blown away at the craftsman ship in your product I will definitely be doing more business with you thanks.
Joshua A , New York
I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the fine quality tomahawks I purchased from you. Very high quality and beautiful craftsmanship. I've purchased the Lady's, Boy's and Shawnee hawks from you and they are great! Thanks much, I'm sure there will be more purchases coming you way from me!!

very nice throwers.

got them today.

thank's kevin
I have One of you Hawks that i got in 1982.It has been thrown tens of thousands of times and it has at least that many more throws in it. Every member of my family has a hawk made by you and each one is top Quality and is thrown all the time.Thank you for such a great product.
I have recommended your hawk many,many times and Everyone has been more then happy.Thank you ! Dave White
Dave White
H&B'S BELT AXE is America's answer to Grandfors Bruks, Wetterlings, Hultafors etc. I have put this small axe up against them all and it is on par or exceeds them in performance. Get one, you will not be disappointed!
Danny White
Hello ma,am;
I took both (the med camp axe and the felling axe), they worked as well as I expected. I used the felling axe for the first five weeks and on a seven day canoe trip polling and paddling from Chase Lake down a big section of the Arastook River (around a 60 "river mile" trip) the axe made work easy. I really like the blade's angle, I call it a cross breed of French and British trade axe design, It helped the cutting process from getting that cheese wedge shape from the front of the tree to the back that tends to happen when felling. The camp axe worked really well, I'm glad that I asked for the extra handle length as it was a major asset when I chose not to carry the full size axe. However on my solo expeditions I had wished that I had ordered the large camp axe. I had stopped carrying the felling axe due to warmer weather an not as much fire wood was needed. I'm glad that I chose your tools for this bushcraft/wilderness living semester and will continue to use them for the rest of my days and maybe buy a few more later down the line if the wife will let me.

Thanks for the fine tools and being a great honest business.
just great well worth any wait
Mary and Jerrod ,
I received my shipbuilders axe with custom fitted handle today . I must day I am extremely amazed at the workmanship , and quality of this axe. Jerrod and I discussed this build at length over the phone, and he nailed it ! This is real American craftmanship at its finest . This is my 4th axe from H&B and they will stay in my family always.
Thanks and best regards,Pat Martinez
Patrick Martinez
Thanks for the update Mary. I really need to share with you my appreciation for your products and service. I ordered a hawk from one of your competitors January 12, 2014 and still haven't received it. The follow-up, delivery and high quality of your products makes the other suppliers moot. The only problem I may say that I do have with your awesome throwing hawks is that I am hesitant to use them, because I don't want to chip or damage them...they are that nice.

I know I'll be ordering more handles shortly!

Regards and merry Christmas.

I just let out a big WOO HOO and scared my wife when I opened up my email, you have made my day!!! Thanks for the quick information and that's the reason why I have been bragging about you and H&B even though I havn't even received my camp axe yet. You are what every person in a company running it or not should strive to be. Your customer service and personal attention is by far the best I've dealt with in a long long time. I thank you for your patience in dealing with me and allowing me to pester you as I have. I can promise you I will continue to do business with you and your company and will continue to try and drive business Y'alls direction as much as I can.

I sincerely thank you,

The Hawk is perfect!
I am thrilled to give this gift to my son for his 21st birthday.
He is a very happy man. Of all the things a 21 year old son could ask for a birthday present, this tops the list. I have carried my Tomahawk for over
30 years. I believe my son has come to the realization that a true hand crafted masterpiece, made in America, can provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Thank you for making a worthwhile product. This tool will be carried through the wilderness for thousands of miles.

Fun is Best!!!


When I was a child, my father bought me an H&B tomahawk. Back then it was $30.00 at a retail store, so that should give a hint at how long ago that was. Since then, it has been a constant companion. It has been a hammer, a flint striker, a knife, a wood shaver, an axe, a combat weapon (no actual people were injured during training) and a tomahawk. Several handles later, it'll still split a playing card at several paces.

I was very pleased to see that you are still making them, as I would not want to own anything else. These days I have been wanting a new axe, and I was going as far as to forge my own, until I found your website and saw that you make one exactly the way I want it built. Placing an order now!


Hi Mary and Jarrod,

I just received the large straight spike hawk the other day and I would like to say thanks. The hawk is a lot sharper than the stuff from cold steel or American hawk company, which makes the cold steel hawks and they take a lot of work to get them sharp. If I had the money right now I would order 3 more hawks and wouldn't be worried about the wait. I will be carrying this hawk and a good fixed blade knife while enjoying my outdoor activities where a firearm isn't allowed. THANK YOU for a beautiful and useable piece of craftsmanship. I am looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.
THANK YOU, Jeramy H from WY

We received the axe yesterday. Please pass on to your son my appreciation of his hard work and talent. His Boater's Axe is by far the best made, best looking and best handling axe I have ever purchased. Although I haven't used it yet I certainly will. I am very happy with the purchase. Your son is a fine craftsman and I hope his life is blessed.

Thank you again,

Hi Mary,

I received my blade and it is everything I hoped it would be. The craftsmanship is OUTSTANDING!

Thank you! This blade is an absolute steal for $65.

I have an RMJ Shrike that cost over $400 and while it is an exceptional piece I like the H & B more. It has instantly become an extension of myself and feels as natural as as my own hand. And boy does it CHOP!

Thank you for an outstanding product and reinforcing my love of individual craftsmanship and the dedication to those that take pride in the products they produce. I look forward to making more purchases in the future.

A new loyal customer,


P.S. I forgot to mention the UNBELIEVABLE quality and craftsmanship of the sheath. How do you provide such an incredible product for such a low price??? I LOVE you all!
Doing business with H&B Forge was a pleasure. The tomahawk was of high quality and the service was excellent. Look forward to doing business with this company again in the future.
Mary and Jarrod,
I bought a Shawnee tomahawk in 1979 when I first started buckskinning and shooting muzzleloading firearms. Twenty-five broken handles or so later, the tomahawk is still superbly doing what it was designed to do. The weight and balance are perfect, I can throw it all day and not get tired. My fellow buckskinners always comment on how well it sticks when thrown with a nice, easy motion. I recently bought another Shawnee just in case, as a backup. Your product's quality and durability sell itself.
DeWayne Pritchett
I just received my new Shawnee throwing Hawk and I am truly elated at the craftsmanship and quality of this hawk. I own 10 hawks and this is my new favorite.

Thanks Mary and Jarrod for this fine tomahawk.

Jim C.
Dear Mary and Jarrod
I received my tomahawk today after a long anticipated month and like the website says, it was well worth the wait. Thank you so much for bringing such a fine, quality made product back to US soil. I am instantly amazed at the craftsmanship and quality of your product and will recommend the forge to anyone looking for a quality business. Thank you again and keep up the great work.
H&B Forge Shawnee Tomahawk- Photo Review
Shawnee Hawk
This being yet another great product from H&B Forge out of Shiloh, Ohio. H&B Forge's Shawnee Throwing Tomahawk is said to be the most popular throwing hawk in the country. Countless competition matches have been won with this axe. Many serious competitors would not throw any other tomahawk.
The specs on these hand forged tools may all vary due to them actually being made by a person with a hammer, tongs, fire, and water!
My Shawnee Hawk differed a little than the info listed on the website. The cutting edge is a hair under 3 7/8 inches-long while the cutting edge is 5 7/8 inches-long across the top of the blade.
The head weighs 14 ounces and the 19 1/2 inch handle weighs about 8 ounces, the total weight of the hawk is about 1 pound 6 ounces (22 ounces).
The cutting edge comes with a secondary bevel and that is fine if you are just throwing them. However, if you want to use these as “Bush Tools” then some sandpaper or a file can easily get the edge in working order. This is no different than the ‘days of old’ when a woodsman would buy his tool from the local general store or blacksmith direct, and then put his own edge on it according to what it will be used for. I left my Large Camp Axe a little less than shaving sharp because…I don’t shave much with it. Besides, if you live in the real world, then most may already know that a knife does the small work better. I have little use for a Scandinavian edge on my chopping tools where pine knots and hard oaks are prevalent in the parts of the country that I roam. The Shawnee Hawk will be kept a little thinner in the edge department, which can easily be altered if I need it be.
Between Patrick Rollins and me, we have the H&B Large Camp Axe, Shipbuilders Axe, Medium Camp Axe and now the Shawnee!
Reuben Bolieu
Got my axes today, couldn't wait until I got off work to open the box. It was like Christmas morning all over again, and they are beautiful! I cant wait til it warms up a little more so I can start sticking them. Fantastic product, fantastic service. I will recommend them in the future to anyone that wants a great hawk.
H and B Forge, thank you for a very high quality, American made, affordable product! If anyone asks me about hawks I will highly recommend H and B. Once again Mary and Jarrod, thank you. Shawn Keiderling
Shawn Keiderling
Thank you for your advice on what to order on the throwing hawks, for our Boy Scout Camporee coming up. The 2 different sizes will work well for the different age groups. The quality of items you sell are truly made to last a lifetime, I know I myself, have items close to 30 years old, and they are still in fine condition.
Hi Mary and Jarrod. Just wanted to say how much I like my hawks. They are the very best ones I have used. Just outstanding craftsmanship and by far better than other custom hawks costing twice as much or more. Thank You so much for making these excellent pieces. Cant wait to order again. Take care
Craig Durst
I thank you for everything. The service I have received from your company is a testament to the pride and strength of the small business owner in America. Thank you.
JJ Texas
Hi Mary.
I wanted to take the time to express my satisfaction with my latest purchase. I received my hawk last week and was absolutely amazed at the quality, balance and craftsmanship of the “Shawnee”. I was so impressed that I just ordered another one to place into my axe collection, which will remain unused. I also ordered a couple sheaths and spare handles for my thrower. I have well over a hundred antique and vintage axes and this Shawnee will be added to the collection.
Very impressive product at a great price. I’ll be sure to share my experience with other throwers and collectors that I associate with.
Best hawk/axe I have used. I call mine a trade axe (Large Camp Axe)!

Our survival school has been using this one (large camp axe), shipbuilder's (axe on 22" handle), and we just got a medium camp axe too!

Jarrod and Mary are the finest people in this business!

Hawk vs Axe chop off!:http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/sh...op-Off-Georgia
Reuben Bolieu, Magazine Writer, Survivalist Trainer
Reuben Bolieu, Professional Writer and Survivalist Trainer
Hi Mary,

I apologize for not replying sooner, I had quite the week indeed! I got the axes about an hour before going to meet up with the person whom they were for. I was blown away, the items that you guys sent me exceeded my hopes and expectations! I will be ordering some more items from you for myself very soon!

Your customer service and genuine care for me as your customer has blown me away!

Thank you again,
Thank you for being so helpful over the phone and email; also thank you for quickly re-mailing my package.
Your company’s customer service is among the best anywhere.
Keep up the good work,
Hello H and B Forge,
Today I received two of your belts, and a medieval spike hawk, and I just want to say how very impressed I am with the absolute quality of your products. I so appreciate a business with real integrity, it is very rare these days. Thank you Mary and family, C.
Just got my Shawnee tomahawk today, I'am so glad I took my time choosing which tomahawk to buy. Your hawk was exactly what I wanted. It is good to see a relatively close american made product that looks and feels so good in my hand, you should be proud. Thank you. Kevin
Comments: I just received the two hawks, 3 extra handles and fancy sheath I ordered about a week ago today. Not only is your shipping fair and fast. Well, fast would be an understatement. I live about 2500 miles from you and can't believe they are already here! The quality is absolutely exquisite. They are so beautiful and the balance is right on. I just can't compliment your craftsmanship enough. Thank you so much H&B Forge, you are definitely in the right line of work!

I got that thing and I tell you what it is a throwing BEAST! Probably the best throwing axe I’ve ever had.

- Dave
Mary, looks like you guys have earned your reputation.. I was searching online, I buy a lot of stuff online, to check feedback of your company and everyone sang your praises.

I am looking forward to getting an order placed for myself and my wife... I have been "collecting tools " that do not require electricity and serve a very good purpose. I have purchased some big axes and such from gransfors bruks (sweden) and was looking for a smaller tomahawk type axe.. But as you know, GB wants around 280.00 for a tomahawk... OUCH... So that is actually what led me to your site and others speaking of your tomahawks and the quality of your hardware.

Thx again.. Have a great Week.. Justin
My second set of throwing knives just arrived today. Thanks so much. These are the best throwing knives I have used to date. I really don't think I will have to buy another throwing knife. The six I have will last me years of throwing. However, do you offer replacement leather scales for sale. I am going to need new scales and I know I can't make leather scales like these. Again thanks so much.
These knives are so much fun to throw by the handle and blade.
I will be referring all the knife throwers I come in contact with to your company. There is a knife thrower community on youtube. You should get some videos of people doing reviews and throwing your knives on youtube. hickock45 talks highly about your tomahawks. I have not done any videos yet, but if I do I will send people your way. Thanks.
I started throwing tomahawk when I was 12 years old. I was 26 years old when H&B started, and I bought my Shawnee model from Log cabin in Lodi. It was larger and heavier than what I was used to, but I loved it from the moment I picked it up. I never threw in competition until in the early 1970's. I belonged to the Daniel Boone Muzzle loading Club out of Portsmouth, Ohio. That was the club that started the rebirth of muzzle loading in the 1930's. I won easily any competition our local club had. We also hosted what was called our Statehood shoot that was held in Chillicothe, Ohio. Three years I competed in that against people from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. Each of those years I also won.

Thank you for my Tomahawk. It has brought me many years of enjoyment. It is beautiful, and exactly like many originals that I have seen. Thank you. Tim
Hello there,

I recently ordered a Shawnee Hawk from you and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make such a great product. The craftsmanship and design are outstanding. Took only a few minutes to get the edge to my personal specifications and let me tell you, this thing chops just as good as many of my quality axes at a fraction of the weight. Based on this alone it would be a great choice for a lightweight trail or bushcraft axe if needed. When it comes to throwing the balance is superb and I can see why many choose this tomahawk for competition.

The Shawnee Tomahawk is without a doubt the best tomahawk I have ever used and thrown. You guys are really putting out quality products at bargain prices and I plan on being a repeat customer in the future.

Keep up the good work!

Zach P.
Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your hawks.
I got tomahawks from you guys 20 years ago that saw a fair bit of abuse as I was a kid and are still just as good as the day I got them. I hope to do more business with you in the future'

I received my pipe ax Friday, and I am very appreciative and impressed with the work you guys did. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this for me, it looks great, and greatly exceeded my expectations. Thanks, and I look to do further business with H and B.

Dear H&B forge Co.
I just purchased one of your Med. Camp Axes from the Log Cabin Shop.
Was a little concerned with the length of the handle, Because I wasn't use to a camp axe with such a long handle.(I knew the Heat Treat should be right because your Strikers throws Great Sparks.) After sharpening the Camp Axe and testing it out on a "Good Old Oak" log,I found the axe, it's heat treat, and it's handle length to be "OUTSTANDING IN EVERYWAY"
Thanks Alot, and keep up the good work. Steve G.
P.S. Yes I did "Beat The Shit Out of It" I wanted to see if it would hold up to (12) Boy Scouts.!!!

Steve, Boy Scouts
Comments: I just got my hawk in the mail and wanted to say thanks. Just an absolutely excellent piece of work. Good weight, great balance... and the hammer marks make this little hawk a complete pleasure to own. I'll be back for more !

Hello Mary and Jarrod,

I received my order today. That was quick. Holy old Jesus,apologies for using the Lords name in vane but they are absolutely beautiful and perfect. I can not begin to tell you how pleased I am with your workmanship. You have a customer for ever. If you have a list of shows you will attending next year please let me know so I can drop in as long as I let my employer know in advance.

Super duper thanks again,

I want to thank Jerrod for making my Mammen,it is now my favorite hawk. I throw every day and have yet to loosen the head or bugger up the edge. The only draw back is my 10 ring on my round has a big divot in it from rocking it out of the wood. You should offer this axe on your web page. Thanks Mary and Jerrod. Hank
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate your for getting the tomahawk delivered by Christmas. We have had lots of fun with it already.
And thanks for providing a quality american made product.


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