Buckskinner Magazines

H & B Forge Company offers this list of Buckskinner, Mountain Man & Blackpowder related links to help you in your search for information about clubs, associations, history and related topics. Inclusion in this list does not represent an endorsement by H & B Forge Company, although we do try to be selective - and reserve the right to do so.

Muzzleloader Magazine

The publication for black powder shooters.

Muzzle Blasts Online
A publication of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA). Latest online version appears to be April/May 2000, with many back issues online for reference.

Northwest Journal
The focus of Northwest Journal is to provide detailed, well documented and referenced information for Canadian fur trade era re-enactors, historic site interpreters, and educators. We also know how difficult it is to find reliable material on what constitutes historically typical costuming and accoutrements. Whether you have just started in re-enacting or are an old hand, you will find information to help you. Helpful articles & links organized by category.