Hand Forged Pipe Tomahawks

Pipe Tomahawks

Native American Peace Pipe Origin

Though frequently used as a weapon when originally introduced to Native American Indians, the hand forged tomahawk also served as a tool, a ceremonial object, a decorative item, and a symbol of leadership. One of the most popular versions of the tomahawk doubled as what came to be called a peace pipe. A blade and a pipe bowl balanced each other at either end of the tomahawk's handle. When this so-called peace pipe was smoked in council or given as gifts, pipe tomahawks helped to seal alliances or treaties between different groups.


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Due to the fact that all of our hawks and knives are made individually and by hand, and only Jarrod is making them, we are not able to keep a supply of them on hand. For that reason your order may take as long as 14 weeks to be shipped to you. If you need it sooner we ask that you call us and speak to us personally. That way we can be aware of your timing needs and do our best to get it to you faster.
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