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Hand Forged Boarding Axes & Spiked Tomahawks

Spiked Tomahawks

Modeled after the old navy boarding axes, this hawk has the same size head as our famous Shawnee Hawk, but with the addition of a spike on the other side.

It can be thrown, used for chopping firewood or for boarding one of those pesky pirate ships!

It is available in 3 sizes.

It is also available with both curved and straight spikes.

H & B Forge Spiked Crain Sheath
Product ID : 340-502
H & B Forge Arrowhead Spiked Hawk Sheath
Product ID : 340-402
H & B Forge Medieval Spiked Hawk Sheath
Product ID : 340-302
H & B Forge Small Curved Spiked Hawk Sheath
Product ID : 340-107
H & B Forge Medium Curved Spiked Sheath
Product ID : 340-105
H& B Forge Large Curved Spiked Hawk Full Cover Sheath
Product ID : 340-104
H & B Forge Small Straight Spiked Hawk Sheath
Product ID : 340-206
H & B Forge Medium Straight Spiked Sheath
Product ID : 340-205
H & B Forge Straight Spike Full Cover Belt Sheaths
Product ID : 340-204
H & B Forge Finished Small Handle
Product ID : 319-104
H & B Forge Finished Large Handle
Product ID : 319-103
H & B Forge Medieval Spike Hawk
Product ID : 340-300
H & B Forge Arrowhead Spike Hawk
Product ID : 340-400
H & B Forge Curved Spike Hawk - Large
Product ID : 340-103
H & B Forge French Lady Spiked Hawk
Product ID : 330-502
H & B Forge Large Straight Spike Hawk
Product ID : 340-203
H & B Forge Medium Curved Spike Hawk
Product ID : 340-102
H & B Forge Medium Straight Spike Hawk
Product ID : 340-201

Allow Approximately 12-14 Weeks for Delivery . . . It's worth the wait!

Due to the fact that all of our hawks and knives are made individually and by hand, and only Jarrod is making them, we are not able to keep a supply of them on hand. For that reason your order may take as long as 14 weeks to be shipped to you. If you need it sooner we ask that you call us and speak to us personally. That way we can be aware of your timing needs and do our best to get it to you faster.
We appreciate your keeping us so busy!
Jarrod and Mary