H & B Forge Rendezvous Throwing Knife

H & B Forge Rendezvous Throwing Knife
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Price: $62.50
Product ID : 600-001
Weight: 2.00 lbs



Rendezvous Throwing Knife

Our Rendezvous Throwing Knife is made of 3/16", 41-40 steel. It carries the H & B Forge lifetime guarantee not to bend or chip or break. When you combine that fine blade quality with the handles which are made of several layers of laminated leather and held on with heavy duty screws, the knife is virtually indestructible, making this is the throwing knife of choice for serious knife throwing competitors all over America.

Though we do not typically put a sharp edge on it as some people prefer to throw holding the blade, it can be sharpened and will hold a very good edge.


  • The overall length is 14 inches and it weighs about 1 lb.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by orca
11/24/2018 - 03:24:40 AM
These knives are extremely high quality. Built to last for a long time.
Reviewed by Javebrown
04/16/2016 - 10:56:49 AM
Just get one !
Wonderful camp tool.
Its fun to use as a thrower for sure,.and its bomb-proof. Ive owned mine for about 20 years. The handle could use replacement i suppose,..its been used and abused,.and held up wonderfully.
More importantly,.the knife doubles as a camp chopper,.easily chopping and splitting wood for fire, or primitive construction. The blade is easily sharpened,.and the weight and ballance of the blade made for a great all purpose camp tool. I love how the handle could be removed with ease, if you chose to do so. Its easily put back on.
Just get one,.for the price they ask,.the customer (you) is getting the better end of the deal. The knife is worth more than the asking price,.given its capability as an all-purpose-woodsman tool.
Reviewed by piles0
02/22/2014 - 08:03:06 PM
Great Knife
This is a wonderful knife. Great craftsmanship. I sharpened mine and it took a great edge. I can't wait to throw it and to use it in camp. See you at Friendship. Thanks, Philip