Mary's Updates


It has been a long time since I've updated this page. I am so sorry. Springtime on the farm brings a never ending list of chores that all seem to need done at the same time! But as I write this the garden is planted and weeded, the flower beds are weeded. The berries, trees and bushes are trimmed, yard is mowed, pool is swept and-for right now-everyone has been fed! Jarrod and I are leaving today for Friendship, Indiana for the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association's Spring Shoot. He has been burning the midnight oil getting a supply built up. Our plan is to fill the May orders when we return the week of 6/22. As always, we thank you for your patience with us. If you are in the vicinity stop and say "Hi", we would love to see you!


Hand Forged Tomahawks


Most days are pretty routine here. I get Hunter up, fed and off to school. Then I check the Forge email and respond to all of them. The rest of the morning is devoted to household chores and running to the Amish leather shop. (I sure wish they had a phone. I make SO MANY trips there!) I feed Jarrod and Nate lunch and once I have it all put away, I head for the shop where I pack orders until my son-in-law arrives to work in the shop and brings the 6 and 3 year old grandchildren for me to watch for the evening. BUT some days are special. This was one of them. I received an email from a customer we had just shipped an order to. Jarrod and I don't have TVs so we didn't recognize the name, but you all may. Jacob Romo. His email was kind and gracious. He had been waiting on his order for a longer than usual time and I had apologized for that. He said he was used to waiting awhile for handforged items and was not concerned. He went on to say that he was retired USMC and "Part of what I do is lead men on certain tactical teams. Much of our work is anti-drug and anti-human trafficking. These axes are to be used as part of our standard equipment toward that end. Your equipment will go toward helping save lives, and we thank you for that. "

That prompted a Google search on Jarrod's part and it turns out that Jacob Romo is a double leg amputee. In Feb 2011 he stepped on a landmine while doing operations in Afghanistan. But Jacob didn't feel sorry for himself and he didn't give up. And he didn't lose his faith in God. In fact, it was those things that kept him going. His family , his wife and little boys never gave up on him either.

Jacob would NEVER have told me ANY of this. A hero doesn't have to flaunt his courage. That's part of what makes him a hero. But I wanted to tell you all so you would know that there are still people out there who give all they have. People like Chris Kyle (American Sniper) who believe it is their job to keep their country safe and who neither need nor expect nor WANT any recognition for that.

But we all need to hear these stories so we know that that men of courage, dignity, honor and loyalty still walk amongst us. That faith in God makes one stronger and gets us through the toughest of times. And that we will remain the great country we are because of these men.

God Bless you Jacob Romo and all the others who are unsung heroes.

Hand Forged Tomahawks


We are presently finishing up the last of the January orders. We have a couple of custom orders from January and have made a decent dent in the dealer orders. Next week (3/2-3/6) we will be getting stock built up for the Olde Town Trade Fair in Xenia. The following week (3/9-3/15)we will start the February orders. But then the week of 3/16 will be spent getting ready for the Kalamazoo Living History Fair so February orders may take longer. After that there are no more shows until June. We would love to have you stop by and see us in Xenia or Kalamazoo. Info about each show can be found on our Facebook page.

Hand Forged Tomahawks


Hi everyone. I hope your new year is going well so far. Ours is very busy! We are still trying to get the last of the December orders out. The ones that remain all contain bigger hawks and we were waiting on steel for awhile. They should all be completed this week. I had hoped we would be well on our way through the January orders by now but one of our dealers who does renaissance fairs across the country placed a very, VERY large order back in October to be filled the first week of February and that same order to be filled again the second week of February. He orders enormous, sharp pointy things-lots of them! They take a lot of time and repeated forging and hammering so we are trying to get that order out while still working to finish up December orders. Of course there are still many dealer orders and some custom orders as well. So we ask-as always-for your continued understanding and patience. If it's any consolation, we have NEVER been told that it wasn't worth the wait!! PLEASE, if you need your order by a certain date let us know via email or phone. We can get them out sooner if we know we have a deadline.

Hand Forged Tomahawks


Happy new year to all! Jarrod and I and all of our family want to take this time to wish each and every one of you a new year filled with God's rich blessings. He has certainly blessed all of us here! Our children are healthy and abundant! Each of us is also healthy and working, contributing members of society. Business is thriving and we have the best customers in the world! What more could we possibly ask for?

As we had said we would be making some price changes to be effective in the new year. I am too old to stay up until midnight and THEN tackle that job so I have been working on that for the last few hours. I think that everything that needed to be changed has now been done. I see that we need to get some additional pictures up here too. There are several products that never made it to the webpage. We now offer many new sheaths and blade covers. We are keeping our Amish friends VERY busy just trying to keep up with our regular stock but we will try and get pictures, descriptions and prices for all of those up very soon. Just know that we have sheaths available for everything we make.

Oh and GREAT news! We are no longer 10-12 weeks behind! Despite having a record number of orders in December and MANY Christmas orders prior to that AND all of our dealers trying to get orders in before the new year began, we still got caught up! Or at least as close to caught up as we will probably ever get! We are officially 3-4 weeks behind right now. YAHHHH!

Once again we wish you all the best. Let's all pray that this new year is one that brings us all back to the things that are important and sacred. God Bless you ALL!

Hand Forged Tomahawks


It's the night before Christmas and all through the shop

Not a person is stirring from bottom to top.

Hammers are quiet, anvil at rest

Orders for 2014 were the best.

Tomorrow the wrapping paper will fly

Bows and ribbons oh my!

Boxes will open to reveal what's inside

No longer the secret we have to hide.

Tomahawks, handles, sheaths and more

Throwing knives and pointy things galore!

We hope each one of you is pleased with your gift

And your spirits experience a significant lift.

You'll find Jarrod and Mary asleep in their beds,

While visions of next year dance in their heads.

But they'd like to wish you with all their might,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Hand Forged Tomahawks


WOW! It seems I was just wishing you Happy Thanksgiving and now it is nearly Christmas! I want to thank you all for your many kind words and your understanding when it comes to our time filling orders. We have made GREAT progress! We went from 3 1/2 months behind in October to less than 1 month behind! We are filling November orders right now. Now that was a very busy month so it will take us all of this week to finish those, but we are confident we can do it. Our new hire is doing a great job and EVERYONE is working many, many hours!

That said, I need to remind you that December orders will not begin getting filled until after Christmas. Unless you have called me, that is the best we can do. I really, really, REALLY hope that you weren't expecting them in time for the holiday. I tried to make it plain in every location I could that we are behind. If you ordered late and won't get it in time, I suggest that you put a picture of the item they are getting in a box, wrap it up and add a little note that says it is coming soon and it will be worth the wait. You can add a reminder that this just makes Christmas last even longer and who can be sad about that! Or,if you want it to remain a surprise a little while longer, put a picture of our logo in a box and let them wonder which of our products it will be!

Jarrod and I wish you a Christmas filled with the peace and the love and joy of our Savior. We pray your new year is filled with the many blessings of God's great mercy and love. God be with you.

Hand Forged Tomahawks


May God continue to bless your family and this great nation. May we find our way back to the Godly principles upon which this nation was built. May we find our wealth in God's grace and our families and not in worldly things. God Bless you all!

Hand Forged Tomahawks

November 26, 2014

The pigs are finished. The freezers are full. The workshop is humming. We are still working on September orders and hope to have them finished by the end of the month. We are devoting the first week of December to the October orders and any November orders that were placed from other countries. We want to make sure they get there on time. So the second and third weeks of December will be all other November orders. Our goal is to get all orders placed through the end of November out in time for Christmas. It is a lofty goal but everyone is working long hours and assures me it will happen.That is so much better than we originally thought! We are so thankful for our new hire and for your patience with us. It is impossible for me to imagine that we will actually be caught up to December orders in December! WOW!

Prices will be changing in January. Unfortunately we have not been keeping up with increases in steel, leather, etc. so we have to make some adjustments. Those will be posted the last week of December.

Elizabeth Myers was our 500th 'like' on FB and won 4 replacement handles. Congratulations and Thank YOU, Elizabeth! We are looking forward to sending a free Shawnee to the 750th 'like'!

Hand Forged Tomahawks


We get so many wonderful emails from you all. You say the kindest things about our products, our customer service and our quality. We would love it if you would turn some of those into Product Reviews and/or Testimonials on our website. It is really easy to do. You see we don't do any advertising. We do everything we can to keep our costs down so we can pass that savings on to you. Besides, anyone can say good things about themselves. The REAL test is when customers who have actually dealt with you and USED your products say nice things about them. That's who potential buyers REALLY believe. So we count on YOU to sell the hawks and knives for us! So if you would take the time to add more Reviews and Testimonials to our site, that would be AWESOME!


We have 497 'likes' on our FB page. We started the page in mid January of this year. We would LOVE to see more. I'll tell you what: the 500th 'like' will get 4 free handles. The 750th 'like' will get a free Shawnee. Come on. You can do it!

Hand Forged Tomahawks

November 3, 2014

It's been awhile since my last update. Things are hopping here at the Forge. Jarrod is adding onto the shop in between batches of hawks. He is putting on a 20 X 20 addition that will have big open doors on all 3 sides. He will move his forge out there so he can open all the doors and virtually forge outside if he wants to. It gets very hot in the shop when it is running. As a result he can only do small batches at a time before he gets too hot. He believes this will allow him to do more at one time. But the orders have increased even more lately so that project is on hold-at least until after Christmas.

We completed the first half of the August orders last Friday-10/31. The plan is to finish August orders this week along with some dealer orders. Next week we begin filling September orders and hope to get to the first of the October orders by the end of this month. So we ARE gaining some ground. The extra hands in the shop have been a big help. Jarrod continues to do all of the forging and grinding-the finish work, but having someone there to get things ready and to keep him supplied with parts and pieces is a huge help!

Somehow we are also going to fit in butchering this month as well. We will be doing 6 pigs here in a few weeks. Pork for everyone's freezer for the winter. There is still wood to cut as well but we have enough done to get us through a few months.

As always we thank you for your patience and all of your kind words. We have the best customers in the world! You all have a blessed and peaceful week. God be with you.

Hand Forged Tomahawks

October 16, 2014

Well the moose are safe for another year! Too windy, they were laying low. It looks as though we'll be eating hamburger this winter instead of moose steaks! But Jarrod is home safe and had a wonderful, relaxing time. He LOVES being in the woods and never gets to do that anymore, so this was much needed. There is nothing like the cold, clean, fresh air of the Canadian northwoods to revive and renew you. He is back in full swing-literally! He arrived home late Wednesday afternoon and was hammering and forging and grinding within the first 2 hours. Today we shipped a TON of orders and many more will go out tomorrow. Our goal is to get ALL of the July orders out by the middle of next week, go back to the dealer orders after that and then begin the August orders by the end of this month.

I wanted to also give you a heads up on some price changes that will be coming the first of the new year. We hate to do that and struggle with how much to raise them. Of course our costs are increasing all the time. Leather and steel have gone up and now we have hired help to try and keep up with the orders better. So you will see some changes in January. Nothing crazy of course, but we do have to increase them a bit. I hope it doesn't keep any of you away. We will still be far less than our American competitors and WAY under Gransfors Bruks thought I believe our quality can hold up to theirs all day long!

As always, we thank you for being such kind, patient and loyal customers. You keep that up and we'll keep providing you with high quality, hand made tools and weapons that will last longer than any of us will! God Bless you all!

Hand Forged Tomahawks

October 6, 2014

Well Jarrod is now deep in the woods of Canada in search of the elusive moose that wants to be our winter nourishment! I am trying not to hyperventilate as I think of all the orders there are to fill and only dwell on the fact that he has worked over 100 hours a week for months and months and really needs this break. I am thinking of taking a break myself as I know the phone is going to ring and people are going to want their orders shipped and I can't do it!

We now have 2 guys helping in the shop. One works around 60 hours a week and the other around 20. When you combine that will Jarrod's 100 that is 180 hours of pounding steel and still we are 12 weeks-soon to be 14 weeks- behind! The problem is they can do the first parts of the hawk process but Jarrod hasn't had time to train them to do the hammering and grinding. So he is the only one that can 'finish' the hawks and axes.

When he gets home he will have to really put the pedal to the metal to get ahead of them. But he will be much more productive after this break. (At least that what everyone tells us!)

Will looked forward to this fall hunt every year more than anything else in his life, I think. He would be so happy to know that Jarrod is able to go now.

Soooo if you placed an order in the first 2 weeks of July and are expecting it any day, it will be mid October before it is shipped now. BUT the guys that are working for us will have so much ready for Jarrod to finish when he gets home that we should be able to get all of July done and maybe part of August by the end of October and be back on schedule!

BTW Thank you ALL so much for your input regarding the possible commemorative hawk(s) idea for 2015. I have been giving it a lot of thought When Jarrod gets back and gets a little more caught up we'll see what we can come up with. Meanwhile, keep the ideas coming. We LOVE hearing from you!

Hand Forged Tomahawks

September 26, 2014:

I was just wondering.....2015 marks the 50th year of H & B Forge Company's beginning. What would you think of a Commemorative Hawk? I'm thinking we make a limited number of one special hawk, maybe engrave the handle, maybe stamp something special in the head...and once we've made say 500 of them, we never make that one again. Would you be interested? Just in the talking stages now but if you have any ideas or comments send me an email: I'd be very interested in your feedback. Jarrod isn't much help when it comes to discussing ideas right now. He is too busy making hawks! AND adding on to the shop! AND thinking of really big moose! The kids grew up on moose meat. They rarely ate any other kind of red meat. It would be nice to have some again. It's been a long time....

Hand Forged Tomahawks

September 23, 2014:

Well we are back from the show in Friendship, Indiana and trying to plow our way through orders again. I was actually hoping the show didn't go so well just so I could come home and fill lots of orders! But we sold completely out!

We are hoping to fill all of the June orders by the end of this month. We still have a LOT of dealer orders to get out and we just got a big order from the Rangers which has to be sent by this Friday. We would rather have had more notice but military orders take priority so it has to go before we continue.

With any luck we will get the dealers caught up through July and retail orders caught up through June by October 1st. Jarrod is leaving for a moose hunting trip in early October. He will be gone for 2 weeks. No orders will get filled during that time. You may think that he is picking a very bad time to be out of the shop but the truth is he NEVER gets out of the shop. He works from about 7 AM to 10 or 11 PM every day. He has the most understanding wife in the world but his kids are forgetting what he looks like! He really needs this break. His father went every year as long as he was able and looked forward to it with GREAT anticipation every fall. He asked his best friend to see to it that Jarrod got to go after he was gone and Jim has stayed true to his word. They will have a great time, I am sure.

However if there are any calls during those two weeks asking me to send a hawk out I will not be able to do it. We do have some help in the shop now but they are not able to do it all yet. No one can finish hawks but Jarrod. So I beg you to be understanding and patient. You WILL get your hawks and knives, I promise.

Don't forget that Christmas orders must be in by the end of September. We wish you all the best. I hope to be giving you news of a big moose kill in a few weeks!


PLEASE get your Christmas orders in ASAP! We are already around 12 weeks behind so if they are not placed by September 30th we cannot guarantee they will get to you in time for Christmas.Please indicate in the NOTES section of your order form that it is for Christmas. That will help us out a LOT! Thank you!

Hand Forged Tomahawks


This week was spent trying to get some inventory built up for the show in Friendship and some dealer orders worked on. We are very behind on filling wholesale orders and just can't seem to make a dent in them. The dealers have all learned that we take awhile so they have increased the number of items they order. That means it takes even longer for us to fill them. It can take a week to get just one dealer order out. I am still scratching my head in wonder at the number of tomahawks that go out of here. What are all of you doing with them??? I have figured out that men with sharp pointy things are like women with shoes. You just can never have enough of them!!

So, unless we promised you your order would go out next week, we will not be able to get back to the middle and end of June orders until the middle of September. Please accept-once again-my most humble apologies. We keep looking at how we are doing things and trying to figure out how to do them faster and still maintain our quality. The bottom line is: If you want a handmade product that is made in America by reputable Americans with almost 50 years of service AND carries a lifetime guarantee, then you have to be willing to wait for it. That said, if you are ordering for Christmas, ORDER NOW!!!

Hand Forged Tomahawks


Well, try as we did we were not able to make our goal of getting all of the June orders out by the end of August. We still have around 20 to go. Jarrod took all week to finish several custom orders and fill a big dealer order. We have a show in Friendship, Indiana Sept. 12-20 and so the next goal is to get ready for that. Jarrod will go down for the first weekend and come back to make hawks on Monday. I will go down sometime that first weekend and stay the duration. We have NO STOCK as usual so it will be a challenge to get enough made to sell and fulfill some promised orders. Thus some of the June orders that remain may not get filled until the middle of Sept.

Check out our facebook page for pictures of Joe's custom Viking hawks:

Hand Forged Tomahawks

8/4/2014 Where we are as of today:

Well, we are beginning August by ending May! We have the last 2 weeks of May to go before we are finished with the orders from that month. We could easily finish those this week but there are some big dealer orders that need to go out this week as well as some custom hawks. Those always take a lot longer. It is not unusual to spend an entire week preparing one dealer's order for shipment. So, as always, we will do our best. But we have gained a couple of weeks and are more like 10 weeks behind than 12 so that is something! You can gauge about when your order will go out based on that time frame at this time. We have added two part time helpers which is definitely making a difference. I am so encouraged by the MANY emails we receive each week telling us that they received their hawks and knives and it really was worth the wait! New product reviews and testimonials are being added to the website regularly. THANK YOU!

REMEMBER:If you need your order by a certain date LET US KNOW so we can do our best to get it to you. Thank you for your continued patience and ever-present kindness and understanding as we move ahead. We have the BEST customers in the world!

Hand Forged Tomahawks

7/9/2014 Where we are as of today:

This week is being devoted to getting out some dealer orders that are also far behind. Next week we will go back to customer orders from April. Our GOAL is to get all of the rest of the April orders out the week of July 14-18. That would allow us to begin the May orders around the 21st of July. It will take the rest of July and maybe the first week of August to complete the May orders. This should give you some idea of when we will get to your order. If you need your order before the projected delivery time PLEASE let us know so that we can make our plans accordingly.

We are SOOOO very grateful for your patience. Nearly every day I hear from customers who have received their orders emails like this one from Brian:
"I received my package today!! I just wanted to write you and tell you thank you so much, it is definitely worth the wait. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever owned. What master craftsmanship. Please tell Jarrod "My compliments to the chef".
Hopefully that is a small consolation for having to endure the long wait!

Hand Forged Tomahawks


I would like to begin by offering my most humble apologies to those of you who have been waiting for your orders since April. We are experiencing an explosion of business the likes of which we have never seen before

Our business has quadrupled almost overnight. We are not sure why. We do know that part of it was due to a very complimentary article printed in Backwoodsman magazine in April. As a result we are far behind on orders. I will tell you that we are working very hard. Jarrod is in the shop 'pounding iron' for over 100 hours a week. Our son-in-law is helping in the evenings after his day job as well. And yet I have to keep extending the wait time on orders. I will tell you that it looks as though we will be able to get most-if not all- of the April orders out the first week of July.

If you need your order by a certain date AND you let us know that when you place the order-we have been able to get those out in time. Military orders always take precedence. But, again, we need to know you are military when you place your orders.

I wish I knew how to make this change but we have honestly not ever had to deal with this kind of volume before. We ask that you be patient with us as we work through all of these new issues. The influx of business has certainly been a blessing but the repercussions of being so far behind cause us a great deal of stress. We are trying to figure out how to handle it. We certainly don't want you to be angry with us but we also don't want to keep you in the dark regarding your order wait times.


Let us know if you need to have this at a certain time.

I will do my best to respond to your requests for updates in a timely manner but there are many, many of you and only one of me so it may take me a day or three to get back to you.


Our son-in-law has been helping us most evenings and will be joining us full time in the near future. He has been apprenticing with Jarrod and is doing a wonderful job! So soon we will be able to get orders out in a more timely fashion.