Hand-Forged Tomahawks & Knives

Throwing Hawks, Camp Axes, Throwing Knives

Camp axes, pipe axes, Viking and other specialty axes are among H and B Forge Company's main product line. We also offer a variety of other rendezvous camp items and accoutrements, such as our camp stoves, firemaking accessories, belts, buckles and knive and tomahawk sheaths.

Hand-Forged Like 100s of Years Ago

The process used to create H & B's hand forged tomahawks is the same process that was used hundreds of years ago. This process of wrapping softer steel around a hardened bit results in hawks and knives that are made to take it all: throwing, chopping, pounding and digging! Due to their durability, our throwing hawks and knives carry a lifetime guarantee. This is something that is very rare in this industry and is not to be taken lightly.

Custom Knives Featured in Blade Magazine

Proprietor Jarrod Barber's hand forged throwing knives are among the best made anywhere, and have been featured in Blade magazine for the last ten years. He has also started making an excellent camp stove that comes in 3 sizes as well as various muzzleloading accoutrements and fireplace accessories.

One-of-a-Kind can be One-of-Yours!

If you have a throwing knife or tomahawk design of your own in mind, Jarrod is happy to take a look at it and give you a quote. He has created many original, one-of-a-kind pieces throughout the years. You will need to be very specific with sizes and dimensions. You can email them to him or send them by mail. Phone calls are also welcomed.

Hand Forged Throwing Knives and Tomahawks Guaranteed For Life

All workmanship on our tomahawks is done completely by Jarrod and is guaranteed for life. All leather work is done by local Amish craftsmen. Our products are 100% American made!

Allow 10-14 Weeks for Delivery . . . It's worth the wait!

Due to the fact that all of our hawks and knives are made individually and by hand, and only Jarrod is making them, we are not able to keep a supply of them on hand. For that reason your order may take as long as 10-14 weeks to be shipped to you. If you need it sooner we ask that you call us and speak to us personally. That way we can be aware of your timing needs and do our best to get it to you faster.

We appreciate your keeping us so busy!
Jarrod and Mary

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