Hand Forged Flint Striker

Knowing how to start a fire without a match, lighter fluid, gas or any of those other modern conveniences is definitely an important skill for the outdoorsman, camper, woodsman and anyone who wants to know how to survive on their own. This little tool will fit into a very small area, like your pocket. It doesn't matter if it gets wet, dropped or run over, it will continue to work. Just this striker, a small piece of flint and some kindling and you will be able to start a fire virtually anywhere.


Allow about 12-14 Weeks for Delivery . . . It's worth the wait!

Due to the fact that all of our hawks and knives are made individually and by hand, and only Jarrod is making them, we are not able to keep a supply of them on hand. For that reason your order may take as long as 14 weeks to be shipped to you. If you need it sooner we ask that you call us and speak to us personally. That way we can be aware of your timing needs and do our best to get it to you faster.
We appreciate your keeping us so busy!
Jarrod and Mary